SPAM® French Toast Sticks

SPAM® French Toast Sticks

Has anyone ever properly thanked France for the invention of French toast? We’ve taken it upon ourselves to do so by creating a SPAM® and cheese spin on the breakfast classic. Is it tastier than ever? Oui!

60 min 20 servings 5 ingredients



  • 1.In bowl, combine SPAM® and cheese; mix well.
  • 2.In separate bowl, beat together eggs and vanilla.
  • 3.On clean work surface, use rolling pin to flatten each slice bread. Sprinkle SPAM® mixture over surface of bread. Roll up bread; gently press to seal edges.
  • 4.Dip each stick into egg mixture, turning gently to coat all sides. Place in lightly sprayed skillet or on griddle. Cook over medium heat, turning gently, until all sides are lightly browned and sticks are warmed thoroughly.
  • 5.Lightly dust with powdered sugar and cinnamon. Serve with honey or your favorite syrup for dipping.

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