Where can I park?
The SPAM® Museum has a parking lot located at the back of the museum. There is limited street parking on Main Street as well. Download the parking map below.

Are dogs allowed inside the museum?
Service dogs are always allowed in the museum.  Travel companion dogs are allowed inside the museum as long as they are either carried all throughout, or in a stroller. The SPAM® Shop allows dogs as long as they are well-behaved.

Does it cost to get a tour?
The SPAM® Museum is completely free!

How do I schedule a tour?
We encourage tours.  Just ask at the front desk!  To schedule a tour for less than 10 people or a virtual tour, please email spam_museum@hormel.com. For in-person tours of more than 10 people, please reach out to Discover Austin by either calling (507) 437-4563 or emailing visitor@austinmn.com.

How long are tours?
Tours are typically 30-45 minutes long but can be extended to an hour or shortened depending on group preferences and questions.

Is the museum self-guided?
The museum is self-guided but there are SPAM™bassadors available to either answer questions or provide guided tours.

Is there overnight parking for RV?
There is a designated 12 hour RV & Bus parking behind the museum.  The parking map can be found on the home page.

Are there activities for kids?
The SPAM® Museum has a play area for kids no taller than 48 inches, and interactive exhibits featuring quizzes and games for taller kids.

What is the policy for foods and drinks?
No outside food or drink is allowed in the museum.  We do however serve SPAM™ples.  There is a water fountain by the bathrooms. 

Is it wheelchair accessible?
Yes, the museum utilizes motion detected sensors for doors and everything is on one level. There are a couple of wheelchairs available for visitors to borrow on site.

Downloadable Parking Map

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