Kamea Hadar

Kamea Hadar grew up in Honolulu, Hawaii, in the worlds of his Japanese/Korean mother and Israeli father. He began studying drawing and painting from a young age. As a child he took classes at the Honolulu Art Academy and University of Hawaii; and spent periods living, studying and creating at the University of San Diego, Sorbonne in Paris, University of St. Louis in Madrid and the University of Tel Aviv, Israel.

As a Hawaii native, Kamea grew up eating SPAM® products and it is a part of his family and culture. SPAM® recipes have been passed down from generation to generation and bring a sense of comfort.

Although Kamea’s work is based in traditional portraiture it has evolved off of the canvas to large scale murals and installations that can be found in cities around the world. He labels his work as “Hybridism”, a hybridization of traditional and modern culture.


Hawaiian Collectors Edition

Hawaiian Collectors Edition

To our fans in Hawaii, thank you for being such a meaningful part of our history and a huge reason the SPAM® brand is so beloved today. This can is for you!

The front of the collectors can features a yellow hibiscus, the state flower of Hawaii, alongside a red Lokelani rose, the official island flower of Maui. The Lokelani rose, shown in full bloom on the front of the can, was included to honor the heroic efforts of the people of Maui in response to the 2023 wildfires. On the back of the can, the same rose is shown in budding form, pointing to the full revival of Maui that is soon to come.


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